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An acid-fast bacteria (AFBculture is done to find out if you have tuberculosis (TB) or another mycobacterial infection.

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The AFB culture refers to the process of inoculating a clinical specimen onto culture media; including Becton-Dickinson Mycobacteria Growth Indicator Tubes (B-D MGIT broth) and a Lowenstein-Jensen (L-J) media slant. It is then incubated at 37°C for up to six weeks. Lastly, it is examined for growth or no growth.

If your AFB culture was positive, it means you have active TB or another type of AFB infection. The culture can identify which type of infection you have. Once you have been diagnosed, your provider may order a "susceptibility test" on your sample

Your doctor may use an acid-fast bacteria (AFB) stain test to see if you have a lung disease like tuberculosis (TB). In addition to showing tuberculosis, an AFB stain can also show if you have another kind of mycobacterial infection like leprosy or a TB-like disease that can affect people with HIV/AIDS.

A negative AFB smear or culture means that you do not have an AFB infection or that the mycobacteria were not present in that particular specimen (which is why multiple samples are often collected).

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